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Storm Damage


Severe storms can be one of the most dangerous and devastating aspects of being a homeowner. Damage can be caused by wind, hail, snow, tornadoes or thunderstorms that cause water, fire or structural issues. Blue River Restoration is prepared with the necessary resources and equipment to be able to help with any disaster. You can never be too sure when a severe thunderstorm, snow blizzard, tornado or other natural disaster is going to barrel through town, knocking down structures, damaging roofs, causing torrential floods, hail damage, a mess of debris, etc. Rest assured, when this happens, Blue River Restoration, LLC is ready 24/7 to assist.

Storms can cause damage beyond what the normal eye can see. Undetected water damage or weakening of your building’s structural components is not always readily apparent. In most cases, storm damage isn’t limited to a single repair. There are many layers to the destruction that unfolds. Having a professional/certified expert look at your house for hail, water or structural damage will be extremely beneficial to you. Blue River Restoration will be able to get you the quick and accurate quote you and your insurance needs.

Our industry-certified disaster recovery team is fully trained with storm preparedness plans to minimize damage and secure your home after any disaster situation. In the event that a storm has caused damage to your property, contact us immediately, day or night.

Our team will immediately arrive at your home and begin the recovery process quickly and professionally. Storm Damage Restoration work can involve a lot of water damage restoration.  Knowing that storms are so unpredictable, this means that storm damage restoration can mean restoring numerous different items of properties. Blue River Restoration understands it is important to contact a restoration company who offers multiple services.

Storm damage can be detrimental to your business operations. Call our 24-hour emergency line immediately to begin the recovery process: (866) 596-0002

No matter the size or type of your damage, our educated, trained and certified restoration expertswill make you feel at ease, working around the clock when needed, to quickly get you back to business. Trust Blue River Restoration to get your facility back to pre-loss condition at lower costs, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

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