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Catastrophic events are happening more and more in today’s day and age. Within nature and weather, these events happen on yearly basis around the world. Whether it be an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or tsunami, these events bring mass destruction. Being in Indiana, hurricanes and tsunamis are not relevant and earthquakes are rare and not strong. Events like these in Indiana are from tornadoes and severe storm damage that cause damage by water, fire, storm, and debris.

The most common type of water damage is flooding. Flooding by natural causes or something breaking like a pipe can disrupt your home or business. Blue River Restoration understands time frames and knows that the job needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Majority of the time with a flood or water leak in a business, the company still needs to be open during business hours. Work does not just go away because of a flood.

Getting the water out of the flooded area is not the old part of the process. Restoring the rooms and buildings to how it was pre-water damage and making sure no structural damage has happened is also key. The fast action throughout the entire process is crucial.

Once everything is getting back to normal with the water being removed, checking for mold is the last step of restoring the area. Mold needs only five perfect conditions to grow in 48-72 hours; moisture, food source, prime temperature, no/minimal air movement, and no/minimal light.

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