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What does Blue River Restoration Do?

Blue River Restoration is a full service restoration company that works with residents and businesses when disasters happen. There are misconceptions about what restoration and mitigation companies do. When a disaster happens, insurance companies want the mess and damages to be cleaned up as much and as quickly as possible so there is no more damage done that you could be liable for. For example: if a tree falls onto your garage or house in a storm, depending on which insurance company and what policy you have, cleaning up the tree and patching the hole is the number one priority, so that there is no more damage done by water or more wind damage. For some insurance coverage's, the initial damage caused by the tree may be all that is covered, then any wind or water damage afterwards could fall on your responsibility and the insurance company may not cover the extra damages caused by the water. It will always depend on what your coverage is and how it is written, each case and project is different and there is no way of telling unless you contact your insurance company. Emergencies don't offer the luxury of the time it takes to research your specific insurance policy, that's what makes restoration and mitigation companies so important and necessary.

Once the tree damage is found, this is where Blue River Restoration comes in, as emergency responders to disasters to clean and restore disasters like this example. Every job and project is different so assessing the situation and making sure the right route to fixing the mess of the disaster is the key to mitigation the amount of damage done. Which helps with working with the insurance company.

BRR specializes in Commercial and Residential Water Damage, Fire Damage, Storm Damage, Mold Remediation, Environmental Remediation, Smoke and Soot Damage, Catastrophe Response, Infectious Disease Control, Building Restoration, Personal Property Restoration, Commercial and Residential Disasters, and 24/7 Emergency Response.

Blue River Restoration Core Values:

  1. Blue River Restoration will not sacrifice the safety of our employees, customers, public or the environment for any reason.

  2. Blue River Restoration will strive to meet or exceed our client’s expectations of quality.

  3. Blue River Restoration will never compromise our integrity to advance our business.

  4. All team members share and celebrate Blue River Restoration successes and share the accountability of failures.

  5. Blue River Restoration are a compassionate business, personally caring for our associates, customers, and the community.

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