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Summer Storms

Now that it is summer and the best time to start thinking about preparing for summer, and part of summer is summer storms. When it comes to summer storms, they maybe nice and warm outside but that doesn't mean that summer storms are not dangerous and will not cause any damage. It is always smart to have a plan for unexpected events that could happen. Below are helpful tips from Blue River Restoration to make sure your plan can provide success for safety.

  • Make sure everybody knows the plan.

  • Make sure all devices are charged.

  • Make as much ice as possible or go buy some at your nearest store and have a cooler handy in case the power goes out.

  • Get lots of water handy for drinking, washing, etc.

  • Fill you gas tanks up in your cars and any extra tanks you have.

  • Get a light source; flashlights and batteries, candles, etc.

  • Set your thermostat a little lower than usual. (If they power goes out it is going to get hot)

  • It is always good to have board games or something that does not involve electricity to keep busy.

  • Do the dishes and laundry so your stuff doesn’t stink before the power comes back on.

  • Move your car away from trees.

  • Strap anything outside that might fly way down or put inside a shed. (trampolines, BBQ, tables and chairs, etc.)

  • Make sure your pets are set and protected as well.

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