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Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that the fun Midwest winter is slowing down and there are signs of good weather, it is time to start getting the property ready for summer. The items listed below for this spring cleaning checklist help get your property up to its best looking and preforming level during the summer months. These tasks will help go over parts of your house that could be weak or easily affected in storms, winds or any sort of natural disaster.

1) Clean the inside of your home. Being able to open up the windows and let in fresh air can help motivate you to dust the shelves and cabinets, polish the wood furniture, wipe down the walls and ceiling, checking the attic, vacuum and shampoo rugs and carpet, clean the windows (inside and outside), treat flooring correct and any sort of basic cleaning. Being able to clean behind furniture and move stuff around with the feeling of not being trapped in the house because of weather always make those tasks more enjoyable.

2) Clean up the outside of your home: Now that the weather is not miserable to be in, get outside and clean up the house. Start by power washing the house itself along with any wood or concrete structures or paths, make the gardening/landscape look good and trimmed, clean out the gutters, get up on the roof and check for anything that could cause problems, trim the yard and make sure nothing from the driveway or landscape is in the yard from shoveling or plowing. Take pride in your home and be proud of the property being yours with your family.

3) Make sure all expensive hardware and systems are working properly. Uncover the A/C unit, turn off the heater, get in the basement and check for flooding anytime it rains also for mold, while your down there check the water heater and any other systems you have, get the mower out along with the weed wiper and any other outdoor appliances you have. Along with the home, take care of any shed or barn that you have.

At the end of the day, being able to go over every aspect of the home or property you own can help save you from the unknown. Taking care of each aspect along with staying up to date on maintenance can help you down the road from having expensive items or project break.

When something does go wrong, your friends at Blue River Restoration are here to get you and your property back to the way it was.

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