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Protecting Your Roof This Winter

In the Midwest, winters are rough. Depending what part of the country you live in, depends what type of snow you get along with how much. Roofs take the brunt of the winter weather, thus why protecting your roof this winter should be a priority. Any damage to the roof before the winter hits, can be used to expedite the issue to a bigger problem. Not just snow on the roof but wind, ice, hail and ice dams can damage your roof.

Blue River Restoration Protecting Your Roof This Winter
Blue River Restoration Protecting Your Roof This Winter

The first thing to do is inspect your roof. Routine maintenance truly helps prevent long term damage to any major home appliance, there are some simple weekend projects that homeowners can do before winter strikes. Trim trees and remove debris, cleaning gutters and downspouts, and ensuring proper insulation are also tasks that can help prevent damage to your roof.

Not only is making sure the exterior of the roof is properly inspected and repaired but also the interior. Attics are a huge help to protect your roof. Ice dams are the result of the differences in temperatures. The attic is the conduit between the interior of your home and the exterior ruled by mother nature.

Know what kind of snow is falling. Light and fluffy snow shouldn’t be much of an issue for your roof, but heavy, wet snow, or snow mixed with ice or sleet can be of concern. The heavier the snow (or ice), the more impact it’ll have on your roof. Take into consideration how much snow is falling, too. Don’t waste your time worrying after a couple early-season flurries.

Let your friends at Blue River Restoration be the ones to help with your snow damage and get your life and property back in working order.

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