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Hurricane Michael hit land during the week of October 7-13 and has now phased out through Virginia and North Carolina. When Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle of Florida on Wednesday, October 10th as a category 4 hurricane, this storm was moving at 155 mph. As a part of DKI Services, Blue River Restoration sent team 1 to the Mexico Beach, Florida. With the amount of damage done in those areas, our team 1 will be working with other DKI members to restore commercial properties.

Any form of water damage requires immediate attention especially on this high of a level.  It’s this fast response time, combined with our proven water damage mitigation techniques and cutting-edge equipment that help result in lower repair costs and a speedy recovery to get your life back to normal. This was the team that was in Wilmington, NC for Hurricane Florence.

When arriving on the scene, Blue River Restoration will access the damage, start removing the water and bring the building back to its pre-loss condition. Mexico Beach, Florida was hit with the eye of the hurricane with the third most intense landfalling tropical cyclones in the United States at 919 mbar (hPa). the strongest by wind speed since Andrew in 1992, which had 165 mph (270 km/h) winds. Michael tied with 2017’s Hurricane Maria and a typhoon in 1900 for the sixth-strongest tropical cyclone by the wind to impact the United States (including its overseas territories) and was the fourth strongest to impact the U.S. mainland.

Hurricane Michael is seemed to be somewhat of an unusual storm because of its increasingly way of gaining power. Scientific studies are linking climate change to a more dangerous hurricane season. Warmer temperatures are capable of carrying more moisture, and scientists say that warmer ocean waters will lead to hurricanes that dump more intense—and deadly—rainfall.

Blue River Restoration uses leading industry water mitigation and drying techniques and equipment to efficiently remove moisture from even the hardest-to-reach areas of your property damaged by Hurricane Michael. Our restoration contractors are continually trained and certified. With our immediate response, proven techniques and cutting-edge equipment, you can rest assured you will receive the best quality service at a lower cost. Count on Blue River Restoration and DKI to quickly and efficiently work with you and your insurance company to develop a seamless, quick and cost-effective plan to repair your property.

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