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Once a natural disaster happens to you and your family, the last thing you are worried about is what to do next. Most likely you are trying to make sure your family is safe and taking it all in on what has happened to your property. The reality is that you are not out of the woods yet. Between liability issues and further damage to the property, figuring out what to do next is a huge step right after the disaster happens.

Whether a disaster affects your commercial or resident property, boarding up the property is key. Legally, you are still liable for your property even if the property is not tenantable. If a person were to come to the damaged property and get injured, you can be liable. Also, most insurance plans do not cover for what happens after the disaster.

Boarding up the properties doors and windows will also help with other aspects of the damage such as keeping the property safe from weather after the disaster. The property needs to be attended to once the issues are resolved to prevent damages such as soot, moisture, and smoke damage.

Just like when any other disaster or incident happens, there are the correct steps to take afterward. Once the emergency response team is done with their part of the job, our employees at Blue River Restoration are here to do theirs. Making sure the disaster is all the will damage your property and get you back on your feet.


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